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Roseville Hedge Trimming

March 2024
Julian Parry



Ku-ring-gai Council‎


1 day

Scope of work

The client was seeking to clear and tidy some ivy on a neighbouring tennis court fence as well as a height reduction on two large ‘Spartan’ junipers and a trim to a Camellia Japonica.


Ivy needed removal by hand in parts and the reducing and shaping of the junipers was a challenge to maintain aesthetics.

End result

All work completed to initial brief and a good result achieved.


This project in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore was actually comprised of three distinct items, namely an overgrown patch of ivy at the rear of the property, two large junipers that needed to be reduced in height and a side boundary hedge that needed trimming around a large Camellia Japonica. The rampant ivy was growing along a neighbouring tennis court fence and needed to be reduced to around 300mm and shaped to a neat 45 degree angle at a corner. As ivy tends to break at the nodes where aerial rootlets have formed, a lot of the removal had to be carried out by hand. The end result, however, was pleasing to the eye and conducive to all future maintenance requirements. The two large Juniperis ‘Spartan’ specimens required a reduction in height to around 2 metres and trimmed at the sides to maintain good aesthetics. Finally, along the side boundary, the neighbour’s encroaching hedge was cut back to reinstate a large Camellia Japonica as a feature specimen with a 500mm clearance between it and the neighbouring hedge. In the end, all work was completed to a high standard with excellent visual appeal. All cut items and debris were removed from the site and the area cleared and tidied to our usual exacting standards.

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