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Beecroft Deadwooding Tree Work

February 2024
Julian Parry



Hornsby Shire


1 day

Scope of work

Deadwooding of a Sydney Blue Gum and branch reductions around the dwelling. A canopy reduction was also required on a large liquidambar on the property.


Safety aspects involved with climbing two large trees. Safe passage of cut items to ground level.

End result

An excellent result was achieved with no major issues.


A big day started with a climb up a Sydney Blue Gum (Eucalyptus saligna) to remove some major deadwood that had built up over the years. All dead branches over 40mm were removed and selective pruning was carried out to improve the overall health, safety and aesthetic appeal of this beautiful local specimen. Two long branches reaching towards the house were cut back to the last lateral branch nearest the trunk to alleviate any concerns from the client. Council approval was obviously sought according to regulations and a permit was given for all this work. This project also included a height reduction of around 2 metres on a healthy liquidambar specimen (Liquidambar styraciflua) with the desired outcome a levelling of the upper canopy and a much greater aesthetic appeal. This project was deemed to be a satisfying one due to the non-removal of an endemic tree from the local environment whilst still maintaining the ability to address any safety concerns around the dwelling and to ensure the ongoing health of the tree. All cut material was chipped and removed from the site and the area was left clean and tidy on the day. Green waste was disposed of at an appropriate facility and an excellent end result was achieved.

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