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Lane Cove Hedge Trimming & Tree Work

April 2024
Julian Parry

Lane Cove North


Lane Cove Council


1 day

Scope of work

The client needed a variety of tree work and hedge cutting done and the scope of work included six different tree and shrub specimens.


A variety of specimens and their differing needs. A jumbo tripod ladder was required.

End result

All work was completed to the initial brief and a good result was achieved.


Work on this Lane Cove North project started well with an expansive wisteria trimmed back from the house by about a metre, along with the front face reduced by a similar amount. An African olive (Olea Europa Sub. ‘Africana’) was then reduced in height by 2.5 metres and the front face was pruned back hard. Next, a Trident maple (Acer Buergerianum) overhanging the lawn had a canopy reduction of 1.5 metres and any deadwood was removed to improve the health, aesthetic appeal and overall safety of the tree. The canopy reductions continued with a Cape Chesnut tree (Calodendrum Capense) growing across the property reduced by 2 metres and the inner canopy lightly thinned to allow for more air and light. Some lilly pillies (Syzygium Australe) were next on the job sheet. Firstly, a large hedge that needed cutting to maintain its shape along with a single specimen that was reduced in height by around 2 metres or so and neatly clipped for good visual appeal. And finally, a broad-leaf privet (Ligustrum Lucidum) was trimmed and shaped to maintain its aesthetics and restrict its ability to set seed. In the end, all work was completed to our exacting standards and an excellent result was achieved. All cut items were removed from the site and the area cleared and tidied.

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