Consultancy Tree Services – Expert Arborist Specialising in North Shore Sydney

Arbor Pride’s fully qualified arborists are keen to assist you with any tree care concerns. Level 5 Qualification status means that we fulfill all qualification requirements by any council or court of law –there are no higher qualifications for tree services in Australia for a consulting arborist. Please contact us on 1300 887 417 if you need expert and hassle-free assistance with any of the following:

Tree Health Inspections and advice: Aerial inspections, life expectancy estimates, diagnosis of disease, and pests.

Concerned about one of your largest living garden assets? Early and correct diagnosis is key to establishing the correct treatment intervention for your trees and shrubs. Recommendations of tree services may include specialised pruning, further soil, and another sample testing, micro-injection fertiliser treatment, cable bracing systems, and many other specialised options.

Picus® Sonic Tomography – non-invasive ultrasounds:

Arbor Pride is one of the few tree surgery companies able to offer this latest technology. Liability for any damage caused by trees usually lies directly with the tree owner. Most damage and disease causes fractures, cavities, or rot and reduces the wood’s elasticity and density. Tree sensors placed around the trunk pass ultrasound waves through the tree and a simple colour-coded two-dimensional image is produced indicating otherwise unseen decay and cavities. The accuracy and certainty of this comprehensive test offer huge peace of mind to property owners.

Council compliance issues:

Unsure about how pruning trees or tree removal regulations apply in your situation? This is a common problem and we can easily help you navigate your way through the maze of the council and government red tape. We will carry out a free ground inspection and offer a hassle-free service where the necessary paperwork is filled out and submitted for you!

Tree Reports:

  • Level 5 qualified Arborist reports completed for residential and corporate clients,
  • Supporting documents for development applications,
  • Tree Hazard assessments,
  • Full site surveys
  • Tree management plans.

Independent expert opinions provided – our reputation is valuable and trees are our passion.

Tree Protection on construction sites:

A clear plan for tree protection and tree care is essential when you are building around mature trees. Talk to one of our arborists about what tree services can help your trees survive the inevitable stress of construction.

General Arboricultural and Horticultural advice.