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Benefits of Trees

Trees certainly come to the fore around this time of year and with good tree management they can add a wonderful dimension to your garden. The benefits of trees are innumerable. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, a great feature in your yard, they are great for the environment too -they give us the very air that we breathe!

Trees are always working. Acting like purifiers, trees reduce the toxins that are in the air, remaining one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Trees catch air pollution on their leaves and trunk, which are then washed down to the ground in the rain, saving you and I from breathing them in. And for all this constant hard work they then go and give off rich oxygen for us to breathe -marvellous indeed!

Trees are also great multi-takers. As well as filtering the air we breathe, trees are invaluable in reducing storm water run-off, breaking up heavy rainfall and absorbing the excess water that reduces erosion and possible flooding. Not only this, a tree in your garden can even help to reduce your energy costs! Trees have a noticeable cooling affect on the surrounding areas, saving you money on fans and air-conditioning (if you have one) in summer and then in winter, a tree acting as a windbreak or allowing in winter sun, can even reduce your heating costs as well.

They make effective sound barriers, screening out unwanted noise (and even unwanted neighbours); prolong the life of your outdoor surfaces by protecting pavements and other exteriors (including your own skin) from the harsh summer sun and are also good at attracting birds and wildlife -phew, did I not say their benefits were innumerable?

And above all, the right tree, along with working non-stop for yours and everyone else’s benefit, can add value to your home. As a tree grows, if chosen correctly, it increases in worth and adds value just by looking great. Trees, in short, are wonderful at what they do and with correct management can benefit you and the environment for years to come.

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