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Hornsby Shire Council Tree Regulations 

Hornsby Shire Council requires a permit for the removal or pruning of any tree that is 5 meters or taller, has a trunk diameter of 15 centimetres or more at 1.4 meters above ground, or forms part of a significant vegetation community. Certain tree species, such as Camphor Laurel and Privet, are exempt from these regulations. Additionally, trees posing immediate danger to people or property may be removed without prior approval, but evidence must be provided to the council afterwards. Arbor Pride adheres to these regulations by offering comprehensive tree services, including assessments and permit applications. Our licensed and insured arborists ensure compliance, prioritising safety and environmental preservation. Arbor Pride’s expertise guarantees minimal disruption and adherence to all council regulations, making us a reliable partner for tree management in Hornsby.

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