My tree is dangerous due to weakness and ill-health

The safety of a tree can be compromised due to many things such as storm damage, pest and disease activity, or a growth abnormality. Correct and timely tree pruning by a qualified arborist can often prevent an eventual takedown from being necessary, but by this point, it is often too late. As valuable as trees are, we believe the safety and security of you and your family have to come first. Our qualified arborists are trained to recognise possible weaknesses in trees due to many different causes and can advise you on whether taking your tree down is the only option.

My tree is too large for its location

In established suburbs, such as across Sydney’s North Shore, this is a common problem. We understand that sometimes you may inherit a tree planting problem caused by previous owners of your property. Large trees and other unsuitable specimens can lift pathways, driveways and breakwater pipes among other damage you might be experiencing if the wrong type of tree was planted in the wrong location. Act now before potential problems get even bigger –tree lopping or tree removal may be your only solution in this instance.

My tree has the potential to cause huge damage and cost a fortune

Be proactive! As a provider of a complete arboricultural service, our knowledge of trees means that we can predict how big your tree can grow. This means that we are able to offer an expert opinion to the council and any other interested parties as to the potential for future problems both above and below ground.

How do I know if I am allowed to have a tree removed?

That’s our job. We are familiar with dealing with council regulations, especially along the North Shore of Sydney and North-western suburbs. We will guide you through the entire process, correctly completing the requested paperwork when and where it is needed.

Generally, every council has a list of trees that require special permission for work to be carried out. This is called the Tree Preservation Order (TPO). TPO’s vary from council to council as different trees are considered pests in some areas and not others.

Tree Services – Alternatives to Tree Removal and Tree Lopping

Is there another option?

Often, many people are unaware there is a lot more that can be done for a problem tree than to just take it down.
Arbor Pride provides a range of tree services that include tree lopping and tree pruning as well as a variety of other arborist services related to tree care. Our qualified arborists can discuss with you some of the other options available. So let us come and see how we can help you. Located in Sydney’s North Shore, we provide a complete tree service right across NSW and the ACT.