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Hornsby Shire Council | Tree Preservation Order

Hornsby Shire Council | Tree Preservation Order

How does Hornsby Council’s Tree Preservation Order affect you?

From 6 September 2011, the rules for tree preservation in Hornsby Shire Council changed. In summary, the changes are:

  • Trees protected by the new Tree Preservation Order are trees that are indigenous to Hornsby Shire.
    For a full list, download the document Trees indigenous to Hornsby Shire – 19kb
  • Trees growing within designated Heritage Conservation Areas (as noted in the Hornsby Shire Heritage Development Control Plan) or trees that are listed as heritage items within the Plan
  • Trees exempt from protection under the new Tree Preservation Order are trees that are not indigenous and not growing within a designated Heritage Conservation Area, all noxious weeds and trees less than three metres in height.

Why preserve trees?

Trees are an important part of the character of an area, attracting people and adding value to your property. Trees and plants in general play an essential role in maintaining the environmental health of a region by protecting soil and water supplies, storing carbon and providing habitat for wildlife.

How can Arbor Pride assist Hornsby Shire Council residents with the
new Tree Preservation Order?

  • We can assist you with interpreting the new Tree Preservation Order and what it means to the trees on your property.
  • Following this, we can get the job done for you including liaising with the Council (if required), then get the job done for you safely in a designated time frame and with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Arbor Pride aims to deliver unparalleled tree care solutions to its clients through highly skilled, professional, hardworking staff. We specialise in all types of tree removal, tree pruning, consultation, pest/disease diagnosis and Level 5 Arborists reports. Arbor Pride services cater to both commercial and residential clients throughout the Hornsby Shire Council area. Call us on 1300 887 417 for a FREE consultation

Which suburbs does Hornsby Council encompass?

Hornsby Council covers the following suburbs or parts thereof:


Dangar Island

Milsons Passage



Mt Colah



Mt Kuring-gai




Berowra Heights


North Epping

Berowra Waters

Forest Glen

Pennant Hills













Castle Hill

Hornsby Heights

West Pennant Hills



Wisemans Ferry





Middle Dural


A brief overview of the Tree Preservation Order within Hornsby Shire Council is provided below. Please note this document should be used as a guide only. To view complete Tree Preservation Order for this council please go to:

Hornsby Shire Councils Tree Preservation Order allows for the following work to be carried out without consent or permission:

  1. Remove a tree less than three metres in height
  2. Remove a dead tree
  3. Remove a tree within three metres of the foundation walls of an approved building or in-ground pool
  4. Remove a declared noxious weed
  5. Prune a tree according to AS 4373 (Australian Standard – Pruning Amenity Trees) by less than 10% of the foliage area within a period of not less than twelve (12) months since any prior pruning (see “pruning trees”)
  6. Remove any tree harbouring fruit fly or grown for its edible fruit

Exempt tree species within Hornsby Council are as follows:

  • Broad-leafed privet Ligustrum lucidum
  • Camphor laurel Cinnamomum camphora
  • Coral Tree Erythina x sykesii
  • Cotoneaster Cotoneaster spp.
  • Narrow-leafed privet Ligustrum sinese
  • Poplar Poulus spp.
  • Rubber tree Ficus elastic
  • Sweet pittosporum Pittosporum undulatum
  • Willow Salix babylonica

The Tree Preservation Order exemption list does not apply to the following:

  1. Any tree greater than three metres in height.
  2. Pruning of a tree by greater than 10 percent of the foliage area.
  3. Substantially altering the soil level around the trunk or within three metres of the trunk of a tree.
  4. Removing any trees not otherwise listed in the exempt species table (provided any tree/trees of these species are not identified as a Heritage item within Hornsby Shire).
  5. Removing a palm tree.
  6. Tree listed on the STR (Significant Tree Register)

Council may consider granting consent to remove a tree where:

  1. A tree is considered by Council to be dying, dangerous or diseased.
  2. A tree is causing or likely to cause substantial property damage to houses, buildings, etc.
  3. A tree is substantially misshapen or causing substantial over-shadowing.

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