1. Pride’s 100% safety of your property:

We always take care of your property as if it’s our own. In the unlikely event that there is any damage to your property, we will make sure that it is made to look as good as new.

2. Pride’s Financial Protection For The Owner

When we work on your property you are fully covered by our insurances which protects you from hassles with neighbours, legal action and damages.

3. Pride’s Fair & Honest Up Front Pricing Guarantee:

There will be no surprises – you approve the price before the work starts.

4. Pride’s Technician Guarantee:

We double check all jobs thoroughly with your local authority first so that you do not receive any unexpected council fines (up to $20,000 per tree!!!).

5. Pride’s Minimum Disruption Guarantee:

We know that you want as little hassle and disruption as possible so we carry out your work at a time that suits you.

6. Pride’s Completion Guarantee:

We will get everything carried out on the day and if it doesn’t we will make sure that you go to the front of the queue at a time convenient to you to get the job done.